A-statistically localized sequences in n-normed spaces

Mehmet GÜRDAL, Nur SARI, Ekrem SAVAŞ
2020 Communications Faculty Of Science University of Ankara Series A1Mathematics and Statistics  
In 1974, Krivonosov de...ned the concept of localized sequence that is de...ned as a generalization of Cauchy sequence in metric spaces. In this present work, the A-statistically localized sequences in n-normed spaces are de-...ned and some main properties of A-statistically localized sequences are given. Also, it is shown that a sequence is A-statistically Cauchy i¤ its A-statistical barrier is equal to zero. Moreover, we de...ne the uniformly A-statistically localized sequences on n-normed
more » ... nces on n-normed spaces and investigate its relationship with A-statistically Cauchy sequences. 2020 Mathematics Subject Classi...cation. 40A35.
doi:10.31801/cfsuasmas.704446 fatcat:vmerhbroozb35lvrk6gv7ziemu