Cutting Force during Surface Layer Milling of Selected Aluminium Alloys

Magdalena Zawada-Michałowska, Jerzy Józwik, Stanisław Legutko, Dariusz Mika, Paweł Pieśko, Jarosław Pytka
2020 Materials  
This paper presents the analysis of cutting force during surface layer milling of selected aluminium alloys, which are widely used in the aviation industry. The cutting force is one of the most important parameters determining the machinability of the material and also provides important information about the course of the cutting. The study analysed the influence of the technological parameters, i.e., cutting speed vc and depth of cut ap as well as the relation between cutting tool feed
more » ... ng tool feed direction and rolling direction on the value of cutting force during milling of selected aluminium alloys, i.e., EN AW-2017A T451 and EN AW-2024 T351. The material anisotropy is a very important issue, since the engineering industry faces enormous problems related to the cutting of the tested materials that are usually supplied in the form of rolled plates. The surface layer was cut due to the fact that it accumulates the greatest residual stresses. The measurement process of cutting force was performed by using 9257B Kistler piezoelectric dynamometer. As part of the analysis of the results, the measurement uncertainty was also estimated, which was determined on the basis of two components obtained by using the A and B methods, respectively.
doi:10.3390/ma13245725 pmid:33334039 fatcat:gccxnniw2rg2dgy4hqdncgp3aa