The Marks Produced by Pistol Shots

1900 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
On the left side the ovary and tube are normal. On the right side the tube is normal for a distance of a few centimetres and then is lost on the surface of a sac 21^c entimetres in diameter. There are no adhesions between the uterus and the tumor, which is cystic in character and lies between the folds of the broad ligament. On the upper part the covering is more or less torn and reveals a shaggy mass which is divided into two parts-one measuring about seven centimetres, in which is a
more » ... hich is a considerable hemorrhage; ¡mil the other about five centimetres in diameter, which is pale and bloodless. This shaggy coat is partly lifted up and reveals a fetus of apparently about the sixth month, lying in ¡m unrupturod uinniotic sac. The fluid surrounding file' fetus is of a dark bluish-red color. No ovary could be detected on this side.
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