Comment on "A histone acetylation switch regulates H2A.Z deposition by the SWR-C remodeling enzyme"

F. Wang, A. Ranjan, D. Wei, C. Wu
2016 Science  
Watanabe et al. (Reports, 12 April 2013, p. 195) study the yeast SWR1/SWR-C complex responsible for depositing the histone variant H2A.Z by replacing nucleosomal H2A with H2A.Z. They report that reversal of H2A.Z replacement is mediated by SWR1 and related INO80 on an H2A.Z nucleosome carrying H3K56Q. Using multiple assays and reaction conditions, we find no evidence of such reversal of H2A.Z exchange. RESEARCH 358-a 22 JULY 2016 • VOL 353 ISSUE 6297 SCIENCE
doi:10.1126/science.aad5921 pmid:27463665 fatcat:msxc2eg7u5bqfpbx7bcyhu77d4