Coin-types of some Kilikian Cities

F. Imhoof-Blumer
1900 Journal of Hellenic Studies  
The era of the city begins in the autumn of 47 B.C. Hence this coin, which is struck in high relief, dates from the second year of the reign of Trajan (autumn 98–99 A.D.). The head is not a likeness. The inscription on the reverse identifies the goddess represented with theἘκκλησίαof the Aigeaians, a personification which has not hitherto, as far as I know, occurred on coins.2.26.Bust of the Caesar, laureate, to right, wearing cuirass and draped.Rev.1. in the field.Tycheseated to left, wearing
more » ... d to left, wearing a turreted crown and veil. In her right, a small temple represented in profile, with a statue under the arch of the façade and an eagle on the pediment. At the feet of the goddess a goat lying to left, its head reverted.
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