Fierce Literary Works of Kazi Nazrul Islam: A Rebellious Identity in the Domain of Bangla Literature

2016 International Journal on Studies in English Language and Literature  
As a perennial author Kazi Nazrul Islam upholds the title of 'Rebel poet' in Bangla literature as well as in world literature. Being a Muslim musician, poet and novelist, he used his poetry to inspire Indians to rebel against British colonialism. Thus is the proof of Nazrul's inflammatory attitudes against oppression. He had several pieces of literature banned by the British government in an attempt to supress the rebellious movements. Bidrohi is one of his famous anti British writing piece,
more » ... h writing piece, which has immediately placed him in the public eye. In the time of rebellion and political unrest, Nazrul's poetry played a crucial role in uniting the oppressed and providing them with an intense sense of nationalism. He joined Swadeshi (self rule) and boycotts British He has composed many songs to sing and let the youths to become enthusiastic for ingrained nationalism, patriotism. His literary works were very much against the foreign rule, communalism, imperialism, colonialism, fundamentalism and exploitation. British government prescribed his books and put him behind bars. Through his written Rajbandir jibanbondi (prisoner's deposition) and his forty days hunger strike, Nazrul protested against the harassment. His writings were full of revolutionary messages that stirred up the spirit of freedom amongnest the grass roots level foiling masses. This made the British government cautious about Nazrul. This paper is an effort to understand the fierce works of Kazi Nazrul Islam, including some of his famous poems, songs, essays and anthologies.
doi:10.20431/2347-3134.0408007 fatcat:tpovowmra5ft3ca23k2yn33bpe