Los trastornos de la personalidad desde una perspectiva dimensional

Fernando Gamba, Marilina Graziola, Juan Marino, Marcos Urgorri, Mariano Castellaro
2020 Persona  
In clinical psychology there is a growing consensus about the deficiencies of the categorical diagnosis system in relation to personality disorders (PD). It is a critical model since it has showed to be insufficient to cover the dysfunctional experience of the patient, classifying and excluding both fundamental and idiosyncratic aspects of her or him. Consequently, problems arise when assessing the consultants and designing specific interventions. When there are so many difficulties in applying
more » ... culties in applying a diagnostic model to psychotherapeutic practice, it is possible to think that what we have to modify is the model and not to try to adjust the psychotherapy to it. To conceptualize PD from a dimensional perspective makes it possible to address the particularities of each subject and, thus, improve the quality of the interventions. The current work aims to capture how a dimensional perspective, which is based on a strong empirical support, can improve the clinical understanding of PD and their therapeutic intervention.
doi:10.26439/persona2020.n023(1).4830 fatcat:fwrwzcfwarejlhglufoigxgaoe