Jorge Baeza Correa
2008 Estudios pedagógicos  
Este artículo es parte de la revisión bibliográfica realizada por su autor, para el marco teórico del Proyecto FoNdEcyt N° 1070105, actualmente en ejecución, "cultura Juvenil y Producción Valórica en Estudiantes de Educación secundaria y de Educación superior", donde se trabaja como coinvestigador junto a Manuel canales (sociología u. de chile) y Mario sandoval (cEJu/ucsH) que actúa como investigador principal. Abstract this article aims to analyze the contents and relationships encountered
more » ... ips encountered within the cultural dialogue about and within the school. First, an overview in relation to the current cultural change will be presented and, within this framework; the importance of school culture will be shown based on its symbolic capital: the achievement of an effective answer toward the social context. second, encounters and clashes between the "school culture" and the "youths' culture", which frequently trouble the educational interactions and outcomes, will be dealt with. third, the existence of a high social segmentation among schools which generates a highly differentiated school experience for students will be shown. Finally, a reflection will be made on the challenges, driven from the previously described situation, of the process of initial and graduated teachers' training; the importance students' knowledge within the framework of learning school and, the importance of having teachers who are able to cultivate all and each one of the dimensions required in their educational task.
doi:10.4067/s0718-07052008000200012 fatcat:biovvqo5yndv7gzsybe7ob5gyy