О. Konoplina, Y. Mizik, N. Chekh, К. Savenko
2020 Komunalʹne Gospodarstvo Mìst  
The issues of formation and evaluation of the business reputation of the enterprise have been updated. Existing methods and approaches to assessing the level of business reputation of companies, their advantages and disadvantages are analyzed and systematized. The problems of estimation of business reputation of water supply companies are covered. It is determined that the assessment should be made taking into account the specificity of activity and sectoral affiliation of enterprises, as well
more » ... terprises, as well as their form of ownership. The necessity to develop a methodology for assessing the level of goodwill on the basis of calculating the integrated indicators of the level of stakeholders' interaction of water supply companies. An analysis of existing approaches to assessing goodwill has shown that each group of methods, both quantitative and qualitative, has certain advantages and disadvantages. The most appropriate methods for assessing goodwill, such as: assessing goodwill as an excess of market value over the value of its net assets; estimation by the excess profit method; Brand Finance Appraisal; evaluation using a multiplier; method of options; expert method, were identified. The use of qualitative approaches to the assessment of the goodwill of the water supply companies was justified. Using quality methods, you can manage business reputation and measure in which direction it will change over time. It is noted that the implementation of goodwill assessment is complicated by the diversity of interests of both individual groups, and interests within an individual stakeholder group. It is determined that the level of stakeholder interaction is a set of integrated indicators of interaction of each of the stakeholder groups on the basis of which the goodwill and measures taken to form and implement its management strategy are assessed . It is proposed to assess the level of business reputation of water supply companies based on the method of expert evaluation using the integrated indicator of the level of engagement. Keywords: business reputation, water supply companies, evaluation, stakeholders, quantitative methods, qualitative methods.
doi:10.33042/2522-1809-2020-2-155-29-33 fatcat:wg2dpgjhtbdqzan74a6q2fsrhq