A WSN Clustering Multi-Hop Routing Protocol Using Cellular Virtual Grid in IoT Environment

Hui Zhang, Yi-Zhang Jiang
2020 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
By dividing the grid and clustering multi-hop algorithm, the lifetime of WSN can be prolonged effectively, and the reliability of the system can be improved. In order to prolong network lifetime and balance network energy consumption, a WSN clustering multi-hop routing protocol for electric vehicles using cellular virtual grid is proposed. The routing mechanism divides cells into regular hexagons. In the cluster head selection stage, the node angle ratio, distance ratio, and throughput
more » ... throughput optimization threshold function are introduced to select cluster heads independently. In data transmission, single hop in cluster and mixed hop between clusters are used to optimize the path and reduce energy consumption when transmitting data among cluster head nodes. In the routing protocol, the path cost from the intermediate node to the target node is calculated according to the distance and residual energy. The simulation results show that the protocol has obvious advantages in reducing network energy consumption compared with several traditional algorithms when the running time reaches 1200 s and the network coverage is high.
doi:10.1155/2020/8886687 fatcat:3xbuj7vbpzarpl47n7joihb6w4