Türkiye'de İnşaat Sektörü ve Bölgesel Ekonomik Büyüme İlişkisi: Düzey 2 Bölgeler

Zekeriya MIZIRAK
2017 Turkish Studies  
Along with recent advancements, the Turkish construction sector has caught up a rapid growth trend. In this regard, it can be argued that investments, finance and various indicators related to the sector have different implications on the national economy. Various studies in the literature emphasize the economic and social effects of the sector, especially in developing countries. In addition, considering the sector from a regional perspective allows to better observe the effects of
more » ... ects of construction activities on economic growth. This study aims to examine the effects of investment, financing, specialization, concentration and competitiveness related to construction sector on regional economic growth in Turkey. For this purpose, an econometric analysis is conducted for the 26 NUTS II regions and 2007-2014 period. Panel data analysis show that financing and specialization in the construction sector are important determinants of growth, but there is no clear evidence of the positive impact of investments. The latter result provides a regional contribution to current debates in the literature arising from the relationship between construction sector investments and economic growth. In addition, results reveal a negative and partially significant effect of competitiveness on growth, whereas no significant effect exists for concentration. The analysis also points to the disruptive effect of the global crisis on regional growth.
doi:10.7827/turkishstudies.12402 fatcat:wuktixaibbarjc7bhkrsgnk66q