Nabil Ismail
1976 Coastal Engineering Proceedings  
Based on a literature review of theoretical and experimental work on air-bubble systems, guidelines for the ideal design of submerged distributors discharging air into water are presented. A comprehensive study of gas-liquid dispersions was carried out to find out the effect of physical properties, distributor arrangement, and the air flow rate, on the flow pattern within the jet. This review revealed that the distributor arrangement largely influences the characteristics of the dispersion
more » ... the dispersion within the zone of flow establishment. Also, upon analyzing the experimental results of air-water systems, it was found that the zone of flow establishment extends to greater distances of the water depth than that in the case of one-phase turbulent plumes. Furthermore, the experimental results showed that the efficiency of air bubble plumes can be increased by the proper design of the distributor. Recommendations for the distributor design are given, which include, diameter of orifices and their spacings, pressure drop across orifices, number of manifolds, and the maximum air flow rate.
doi:10.9753/icce.v15.170 fatcat:z5pmhpwxyfgglk65zm2fj6xa5y