Organic analysis

1911 The Analyst  
author described a, method for the estimation of caoutchouc in vulcanised goods, depending on the estimation of the bromine-combining value and the sulphur of vulcanisstion. In the present article a number of examples are given showing the influence exerted by admixtures of foreign substances on the validity of the method. The addition of rubber substitute has no influence, the substitute does not yield an insoluble bromine derivative under the conditions adopted for bromination, and the whole
more » ... ion, and the whole of its sulphur goes into solution, and is calculated as free sulphur. Guttapercha and brtlata, likewise, have no influence on the results, and yield no insoluble bromine derivatives. In carrying out the bromination with 0 1 grm. of the finely divided sample, it is best to boil the material with a, little water in order to wet it thoroughly before digesting with bromine water. Bromina-
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