Analogía, símil y metáfora en un poema de José Saramago

Tomás Albaladejo
2019 ACTIO NOVA Revista de Teoría de la Literatura y Literatura Comparada  
This article deals with the role of tropes and figures in literature and in art of language taking into account the analogy, the activation of the metaphorical engine and the translational engine in the construction of the poem and in its interpretation, as well as the establishment of a cultural-rhetorical communicative code which connects the author and the recipients. The joint presence and the cooperation of rhetorical devices are analysed as a way of achieving poetic synergy. Simile and
more » ... aphor and their combination through rhetorical questions are explored in the poem entitled «Analogia» from José Saramago's book of poetry Os poemas possíveis. Poetic synergy is explained as a textual phenomenon that dynamically works within Cultural Rhetoric.
doi:10.15366/actionova2019.m3.005 fatcat:6wtmjjjsr5gcjbe2xdsv77fame