Conflict Interaction between the Zaporozhian Population and Russian Military Personnel in Kodak and Stara Samar Ferriages in 1730–1760

Oleh Repan
2018 Roxolania Historĭca = Historical Roxolania  
The purpose of the article is to analyze the conflicts of Russian soldiers with the Zaporozhian population in Kodatsky and Starosamarsky ferriage and to identify the causes of conflict.Methods: analysis, synthesis, induction, biographical, historical-genetic. In general, research is based on microhistory.The main results. Control over the ferriage brought appreciable profits to the Zaporozhian Cossacks. The ferriages, including Kodatsky and Starosamarsky, were under the strict control of the
more » ... t control of the specifically appointed officials of the Kosh of Nova Zaporozhian Sich. These two ferriages were operated by the Kodatsky special manager – "shafar", and the control over the Starosamarsky ferriage was carried out by persons, authorized of the Kodatsky shafar. At the time of Nova Sich in the strategically important points of territory of the Zaporozhian Cossacks were established fortified points, which also located the Russian garrisons. Often such fortifications were formed at the intersection of roads, in important communication nodes. Russian officers, in breach of the law, are making efforts to control cash revenues from ferriage. Most of the conflicts are connected with the Starosamarsky ferriage, where there was a powerful Russian fortification with a significant garrison. In the Kodatsky ferriage, where the Russians had a small Kodatsky redoubt with a small garrison on the left bank of the Dnipro, the number of conflicts was much smaller. Zaporozhian Kish and the local Cossack administration counteracted of such actions through appeals to the top Russian leadership, the transfer of the crossing points to another place and force confrontation directly on the ferriage. Concise conclusions. The basis of the conflicts, in my opinion, were two reasons. First reasons is a common desire of man to money, and Russian soldiers behaved trivially. The second reason is their perception of oneself in Zaporozhian territories. Despite the declarative recognition of the rights of the Cossacks, Russian military, as soon as they have the power advantage for this, demonstrate disregard for these rights. They feel themselves higher than the Cossacks, the representatives and leaders of the power of the empire, so it is obvious for them, what they may quite reward themselves with the extra money seized from the local population. At the same time, the strength of the Cossacks returns Russian military to respect for the rights of others. Practical meaning.The results of the research can be used to study the wider problem of interaction between the Ukrainian Cossacks and Russian military in the middle of the XVII – XVIII centuries.Originality: for the first time systematically described and analyzed the interaction of the Zaporozhian population and Russian military on the Starosamarsky and Kodatsky ferriages in the days of Nova Sich.Scientific novelty: the causes of conflicts and key aspects of mutual perception Ukrainian Cossacks and Russian military are determined.Type of article: empirical.
doi:10.15421/30190207 fatcat:3zcvswdlvnfc5h2kyjo5at6y34