Reported Mortality

1885 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
In giving their clinical lectures after the ward visit, the chiefs of the clinic are invariably accompanied by their assistants and are fenced off from the audience. The chief always wears his long white apron (and white jacket besides, if a surgeon) and black skull-cap of silk or velvet, as do several of the assistants, all of whom take careful notes of the lectures. The caps are never removed. These occasions are very interesting. The utmost quiet and closest attention are the rule.
more » ... the rule. Laboratory work of every description is well developed in Paris, and although our great respect for German thoroughness and culture in histology, normal and pathological, in chemical analysis, and other laboratory science leads us to gravitate to that country for study, the present condition of scientific work in Paris renders that city worthy of comparison with German University towns. Indeed, one meets students from our side of the sea who have followed the medical courses in Paris three or four years. Undoubtedly a previous familiarity with the German or French lanaruasre influences men in their choice of schools.
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