Self-propagating High Temperature Synthesis of Quasi-nano sized CuxNiyZn1-x-yFe2O4 with Numerical Modeling by Finite Element Method
유한요소법에 의한 수학적 모델링을 활용한 준-나노 CuxNiyZn1-x-yFe2O4 페라이트 연소합성

2017 Korean Journal of Metals and Materials  
Numerical modeling of the self-propagating high temperature synthesis (SHS) of CuxNiyZn1-x-y Fe2O4 ferrites was carried out using the finite element method, to control the combustion synthesis behaviors of the ferrites. Additional pre-heating above 300 ℃ caused the combustion temperature at the inner surface of the reactant compact to completely propagate the SHS reaction. The porous CuxNiyZn1-x-yFe2O4 ferrites formed by the SHS were ball-milled and then magnetically separated and classified to
more » ... d and classified to obtain quasi-nano-sized powders. The reitveld refinement estimated that the SHS product formed at room temperature was about 64% ternary ferrites, while that formed with 598 K preheating was about 85% ternary ferrites. † (
doi:10.3365/kjmm.2017.55.11.777 fatcat:6vuf6wskgbdlvecybaup6tongu