Acute bacterial endocarditis in dogs after constriction of the inferior vena cava and ligation of the thoracic duct

A J Miller, R Pick
1974 Lymphology  
Acute bacterial endocarditis in dogs is relatively rare. In a previous study we demonstrated that surgically produced impairment of cardiac lymph flow predisposed to the development of acute bacterial endocarditis after the intravenous injection of suspensions of staphylococci {1). More recently we have observed the development of endocarditis in dogs in which no bacteria were injected, but in which the thoracic duct lymph flow was obstructed and the inferior vena cava had been constricted in
more » ... en constricted in its thoracic portion. We believe that these observations may defme additional factors important in the pathogenesis of valvular endocarditis.
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