Local Government as a Form of Democracy in Russia

Valentin Y. Lyubashits, Viktor P. Lyakhov, Andrey A. Plotnikov, Dmitry. A. Voitenko, Iryna A. Sokolova
2019 Tarih Kültür ve Sanat Araştırmaları Dergisi  
Local government has a special place in the democratic mechanism of governing society and a state. The modernization of local self-government in post-Soviet Russia is at its early stage. Today we can only talk about some positive trends in this process. First of all, it should be noted that local selfgovernment has both a special subject, which is the population, citizens and a special object of management: issues of local importance. Besides, one of the basic concepts that characterize the
more » ... haracterize the essence of local self-government as a form of organization and exercise of power is independence. Like any other form of social self-government, local government is a powerful means of activating a political system, democratic institutions, individual citizens, and of combating bureaucracy and formalism in the work of state governing bodies. The definition of the socio-political nature of the local self-government draws attention to it, first of all, by its pronounced democratic essence. The formation of local government is a long process, and its implementation should be carried out on a systematic (planned) basis in the form of a state program. However, self-government is not only the basis of democracy. Self-government and self-governing groups are the highest forms of integration of people, corresponding to the very nature of a man. This paper is dedicated to the main milestones of evolution of the local government in Russia.
doi:10.7596/taksad.v8i3.2252 fatcat:ed2i222zgbfy7jfyur4ydtkxde