Enabling and Disenabling Factors with the use of 'Lecture" Method in the Education of Nurses: the case of tutors Bamenda, NWR, Cameroon

2015 International journal of Nursing Didactics  
Teaching is defined as the process of helping students to learn something in a school, college or university by giving lessons. A teaching method refers to the principles and ways used for instruction. In nursing education, a teaching method would therefore mean the way of presenting instructional material to student nurses or the way of conducting teaching activities. Such a method would be said to be enabling if it produces the intended results and vice versa. Problem: Some teachers probably
more » ... teachers probably use lecture routinely in Nurse Training institutions because of enabling factors such as its convenience by way of time for delivering much content, cost of material to be used, and large number of students to be taught. With these, there are bound to be factors that favour or disfavour the learning process and which may be known or unknown. Objectives: To find out reasons for persistent use, enabling and disenabling factors of lecture as a teaching method. Research methods and materials: The descriptive survey method was employed with the questionnaires as the instrument for data collection and which reflected all the objectives of the study. Results: Have revealed that "much material can be taught in a comparatively short time" and was found to be significant for Nurse Educators at 5% (P=0.022)."The ease ofpreparation of lecture notes" was seen as enabling factor while disenabling factors include the tiring nature of the teaching method. Conclusion: This research on enabling and disenabling factors of the persistent use of lecture has revealed that large number of students, high amount of workload and ignorance of other teaching methods by Nurse Educators cause the persistent use of lecture in Bamenda. According to the Nurse Educators the use of lecture is facilitated or enabled by the ease with which much content can be covered in a short time and many students taught at once.
doi:10.15520/ijnd.2015.vol5.iss05.45.46-51 fatcat:dgmirbjcavhwhb3owiem4h7jz4