Fuzzy logic controller for synchronous generators in a stand-alone multi-machine power system

M Elnagar, G Morsy, R Amer
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
This paper will deal with the design and development of fuzzy logic based controller implemented in synchronous generator excitation system that serves in isolated multi-machine power system. The controller is developed and simulated for a system containing nine generators with two types of prime movers (diesel engine and gas turbine systems) which feeds a variety of linear as well as non-linear loads. MATLAB/ SIMULINK based models are developed for observing steady state as well as dynamic
more » ... ormance for the study system. The simulation results are compared with others obtained for the system equiped with PID controllers. The results illustrate the effectiveness of the fuzzy controller over the PID controller. All the data acquired are from a real working oil production and refinery site.