Absolute Pitch Acquisition as Memory System with Its' Musical Executive Function from Cognitive Neuropsychological Perspective

Irina G. Andreeva, Maria Dymnikowa, Elena A. Ogorodnikova, Valentin I. Petrushin
2019 Asian Journal of Humanities and Social Studies  
Absolute (perfect) pitch is defined as the ability to identify and categorize a musical pitch - tone frequency by its name in the musical equal temperament tuning system without an external reference tone. The article presents absolute pitch process as long-term working semantic musical memory with musical executive function included in musical practical activity, with the description of similarities between music and language structure in music cognitive neuropsychology studies' evidence, as a
more » ... background for cognitive neuropsychological possibilities of its generally available development. The article describes methodological assumptions' content of empirically developed aural behavioral psychological memory training method 'absolute pitch ecological practical activity' (APEPA) for childhood and youth age, based on working memory span, aural cognitive learning ability in music education and performance activity, in cognitive music neuropsychology field.
doi:10.24203/ajhss.v7i5.5900 fatcat:e7ba5ydoq5a3pkyn74bksaqrku