Linking Watershed Scales through Altered Waterways

Mason Johnson, Katherine Clancy
2016 Journal of Water Resource and Protection  
Nested hierarchy theory advances the idea that rivers have a fractal dimension where processes at the catchment scale (>1 km) control processes at the reach or mesoscale (100 m) and microscale (1 -10 m). Largely absent from this work is a mesoscale link to the larger and smaller scales. We used stream alteration classifications to provide this link. We used orthophotographs, land cover, and LiDAR derived terrain models to classify stream alterations within four watersheds. We compared
more » ... compared phosphorus point data with watershed, sub-watershed, and 100-meter buffers around the point data. In the predominately urban watershed, the 100 m buffer scale correlated better with phosphorus levels. In the predominately agricultural watershed, the sub-watershed scale correlated with phosphorus levels better. We found adding the classification of the stream alteration type clarified anomalously low phosphorus levels.
doi:10.4236/jwarp.2016.810073 fatcat:t55iazzaf5eivkbdwwnpug7mja