Michael Kravets
2020 Наукові записки  
The article analyzes various aspects of the professional training of future teachers of physical culture, discloses the essence of the concept of "competence approach". It is noted that the main directions of the implementation of the competence approach in the preparation of future teachers of physical culture to local lore activities include: didactic, professional, creative, reflexive. On the basis of the analysis of scientific and methodological sources it was determined that local studies
more » ... f future teachers of physical culture on the basis of a competent approach is a purposeful research and research activity whose purpose is to expand and deepen knowledge, skills and abilities, to develop amateur and creative abilities, to satisfy interest in the subject and to ensure the development of physical and mental health. The methodical system of vocational training of future teachers of physical culture is determined on the basis of a competency approach, which is complex, open and dynamic. The professional competence of the physical education teacher consists of competences that are observed, measured and purposefully formed in the process of education. The article substantiates the methodological approaches in local studies, such as anthropological, axiological, systemic, cultural, ethnopedagogical. The structure of local lore knowledge is revealed: empirical (concepts, terms, facts surrounding the reality), theoretical (laws, theories, hypotheses). Keywords: professional training of future teachers of physical culture, competence approach, organization of local lore activity, creative abilities, educational process, modern pedagogical technologies.
doi:10.31392/nz-npu-143.2019.29 fatcat:jx2mnmzctzbf3npqxkch5xe2vu