Measurement of the absolute isotopic composition and atomic weight of molybdenum by multiple collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry [article]

Adam John Mayer, University Of Calgary, University Of Calgary, Michael Wieser
Analytical techniques have been developed for measuring the absolute isotopic composition of molybdenum reference materials using multiple collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. A correction for instrumental mass bias was performed using a molybdenum double-spike prepared from gravimetric mixtures of 92Mo and 98Mo isotope spikes. Careful assessments of laboratory procedures and data were performed to analyze possible impacts on the nal results. The absolute isotopic composition
more » ... of the SCP Science - PlasmaCal molybdenum reference material was determined to be: 92Mo=14.626(17), 94Mo=9.182(5), 95Mo=15.869(5), 96Mo=16.67(3), 97Mo=9.585(3), 98Mo=24.308(14), and 100Mo=9.758(11). The atomic weight of molybdenum in PlasmaCal was calculated as Ar=95.9508(16). Delta values (reported as 98=85Mo relative to PlasmaCal) were determined for: NIST SRM-3134, +0.37(14)‰; Johnson-Matthey pure molybdenum rod, -0.32(14)‰; BCR-2, +0.28(14)‰; and SDO-1, +1.5(5)‰. The total natural variation of molybdenum of -1.5‰ to +3‰ results in a calculated atomic weight of Ar=[95.948, 95.956].
doi:10.11575/prism/26849 fatcat:djb2qjvhondcfmnuaczhicglsa