Virtual bronchoscopy and 3D spiral CT reconstructions in the management of patient with bronchial cancer--our experience with Syngo 3D postprocessing software

Viseslav Cuk, Stanko Belina, Rajko Fure, Damir Buković, Daniel Lovrić, Ivana Seso
2007 Collegium Antropologicum  
Multislice helical CT generated virtual bronchoscopy (VB) represents one of the most recent developments in three-dimensional computer aided visualisation techniques. VB allows non-invasive and relatively accurate 3D evaluation of tracheobronchal tree. We performed virtual bronchoscopy and in-space 3D volume analysis on CT-data set acquired from sixty-four-year old male with bronchial cancer in order to demonstrate advantages and disadvantages of these methods in diagnostics and preoperative
more » ... and preoperative management of metastatic bronchial cancer. Siemens Somatom Emotion 16 helical CT scanner was used for data acquisition. Data post-processing was done with 3D Syngo 2006G software package from Siemens medical systems. CT scanning of the thorax was performed in heavy smoker with an expansive T4N1M1 malignant process in a superior lobe of the right lung accompanied with large metastatic lesion attached on the right lateral chest wall. Metastatic lesions were also found in vertebral column. In-space 3D analysis followed with virtual bronchoscopy had revealed obstruction of apical branch of superior lobe segmental bronchus. External compression done by tumor to the superior segmental and right main bronchus was found. We concluded that multi-slice CT in connection with VB became a possible non-invasive alternative to bronchoscopy, if tissue samples are not required.
pmid:17598417 fatcat:qxsvqclp65ah3jqslcyu7r3dha