A Preliminary Report on the Excavation of a 19th-Century Derelict Vessel in Cape Neddick, Maine: The Southern New Jersey Coasting Schooner Annabella

Stefan H. Claesson
1997 Northeast Historical Archaeology  
In 1995, the Institute of Maritime History conducted the nrchneologicnl invcstl~'?n tion of a 19thcentury coasting schooner, Annabella, in Cape Neddick, Maine. This type of craft, though ubiquitous on tile eastern seaboard in the 19th centun;, has not been documented in a11 arclureologica/ setti11g to date in New England. Maine played a pivotal role in America's economy, supplying the soutltem states n11d Caribbean Islands with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of raw materials such as timber,
more » ... s such as timber, stone, icc, lime, and ngriwltural goods. This vessel was primarily involved in the transportation of cordwood along the cast coast of the United States. Its heavily-built, shallow-draft lzul/ was ideal for transporting heavy cargoes thrnugh the shallow tidal inlets of New England. Built in New Jersey in 1834 and finally abandoned in Cape Neddick in 1885, Annabella endured over 50 years of service, surviving the antebellum coasting trade, the Civil War, and beyond; thus, its excavation affords us a detailed look at the coasting trade tlurt heretofore has been absent. En 1995, /'Institute of Maritime History a fait /'investigation arclu?ologique d'w1e goelette de cabotage du XIX' siecle, /'Annabella, il Cape Neddick (Maine). Ce genre d'cmbnrcation, quoique omnipresent sur le littoral oriental au XIX' siecle, n'a pas ete etudie dans un cadre nrcl!eologiquc jusqu'ici en Nouvel/e-Angleterre. Le Maine a joue un rfrlc essen tiel dans /'economic nmericnine: if a foumi nux etnts du Sud ct nux i/es Caraibes w1 npprovisi01mement presque incpuisable en matieres te/Les que le bois d'oeuvre, In pierre, Ia glace, Ia chaux et des produits agricoles. Ce bateau servait surtout 011 transport du bois de cordc le long de In cote orientale des Etats-Unis. Sa cafe ii foible tirmlt d'enu et solidement cotzstruite eta it ideale pour /e transport de lourdes cnrgaisons pnr les criques ii mnree pcu profot1de de In Nouvelle-Ailgleterre. Construite au New Jersey en 1834 et finalement nbmzdomu!e ii Cape Neddick en 1885, I' Annabella a ete de service durant plus de cinquante ans; c/le a survecu 011 cabotage d'nvnnt-guerre et ala Guerre civile; son excavation nous assure done sur le cabotage 1111 regard detai/le jusqu'ici absent.
doi:10.22191/neha/vol26/iss1/4 fatcat:7pycyrpblnfejoieyg6ynyaqyu