Potentials and Distribution Functions to Be Used for Dynamical Modelling with GAIA-like Data

B. Famaey, H. Dejonghe
2002 EAS Publications Series  
We present new tools to establish axisymmetric equilibrium models of the Milky Way. The models we wish to establish are pairs (V,F) where V is the gravitational potential generated by the whole mass distribution including the dark matter, and F is the distribution function in phase space for late-type tracer stars. We present a set of Stackel potentials that fit some fundamental parameters of the Milky Way (mass density in the solar neighbourhood and Oort constants). Then we define new
more » ... define new component distribution functions that can be combined with these potentials in order to reproduce kinematical data like those that will be provided by GAIA.
doi:10.1051/eas:2002038 fatcat:4y6ixgmomfhwnpv2bwan6metnu