A study on the aggregation of Streptococcus mutans. 2; The additive effect on the aggregation of Streptococcus mutans of salivary agglutinins and glucosyltransferase

Katsuyuki Futakami
1985 Japanese Journal of Oral Biology  
The effects of salivary agglutinins, calcium chloride , glucosyltransferase and sucrose in different combinations on the aggregation of S . mutans serotype c strain TH16 were examined using a new parameter of maximum slope for the quantitation of aggregating activity , and the interactions among them were statistically analyzed by the four-way analysis of variance . Salivary agglutinins, sucrose, calcium chloride and glucosyltransferase were concerned in the aggregation of S. mutans TH16 and
more » ... contribution of each factor was statistically significant . The interactions between these factors were additive except the synergetic interaction between sucrose and glucosyltransferase. Moreover, the contribution of glucosyltransferase and sucrose in the aggregation of S. mutans TH16 was 8 times as much as that of salivary agglutinins and calcium chloride . According to these results it is suggested that glucosyltransferase may play an important role as a dominant aggregating factor for S. mutans TH16 when sucrose exists , and its additive interaction with salivary agglutinins will become negligible .
doi:10.2330/joralbiosci1965.27.665 fatcat:qsmsy2yhlfd3za54tc4irgmbgu