Cornering the Canvasser: Amnesty International USA Maria Drivenes and Herbert Sherman Long Island University - Brooklyn

Maria Drivenes, Herbert Sherman
2018 Journal of Public Administration and Governance  
The following is an instructional, disguised field-based case study that was written for an introductory course in human resource management although the case could be utilized in either an introductory management or business ethics class. Primary data from the case was retrieved from an informal interview with a former employee at Amnesty and extended via secondary research from relevant internet sites. The case focuses on several major human resource issues in terms of wearing symbols of
more » ... ing symbols of faith at work and negligent hiring. It also indirectly raises questions of using personality tests in recruiting and leadership training.The story line is as follows: Aida, a recent college graduate, was having little success obtaining second interviewees after three months in the job market. She conducted some online research to firm the "perfect" organization to work for which was Amnesty International USA (AI USA).Applying and successfully hired for a canvasser position, Aida struggled to hit her weekly-required collection quota of $125/week. Her team leader Luke finds the situation frustrating and starts to believe that Aida's hijab is getting in the way of her performance based upon his perception of donor discrimination.The situation becomes convoluted when Luke, in the process of assisting Aida sign up a donor (Luke's main concern), overheard a conversation between Holly (an excellent and experienced canvasser) and a potential donor leading Luke to suspect Holly of committing theft and fraud. The case ends with a series of questions about using symbols of faith at work, personality and job fit, and job descriptions/specification.
doi:10.5296/jpag.v8i1.12683 fatcat:v3nhe2fj5fbgnpaf2o5hervv7e