Experimental Investigation of Thermal Performance of a Solar Chimney Provided with a Porous Absorber Plate

Bashaar Abdulkareem Hamood, Mohammed ABDUL RAOUF NIMA
2020 Engineering Journal  
Experimental investigation of the influence of inserting the metal foam to the solar chimney to induce natural ventilation are described and analyzed in this work. To carry out the experimental test, two identical solar chimneys (without insertion of metal foam and with insertion of metal foam) are designed and placed facing south with dimensions of length× width× air gap (2 m× 1 m× 0.2 m). Four incline angles are tested (20o,30o,45o,60o) for each chimney in Baghdad climate condition (33.3o
more » ... ondition (33.3o latitude, 44.4o longitude) on October, November, December 2018. The solar chimney performance is investigated by experimentally recording absorber plate and air temperatures and velocity of air. Results indicated that the using metal foam absorber plate lead to reducing the mean temperature of absorber plate by 6.7 °C as a result, the values of chimney outlet air temperature increased. The daily solar chimney efficiency enhanced by 58.7% and the useful energy received also increased. The existence of metal foam caused higher air velocity at the exit and increasing in the ventilation rate that the maximum ventilate rate obtained from the solar chimney is 5.96 1/hr for 27 m3 volume of room at solar irradiance of 730 W/m2 for chimney incline angle of 60o. The results of the experimental work show that the addition of metal foam to the solar chimney as an absorber plate is an efficient method to enhance the characteristics of heat transfer and the thermal performance of the solar chimney in the weather condition of Iraq.
doi:10.31026/j.eng.2020.04.01 fatcat:ueu2vnwgyfc25b3quameli4gmu