A General Synthesis Strategy for Hierarchical Porous Metal Oxide Hollow Spheres

Huadong Fu, Feng Ren, Weiming Su, Jinlin Yang, Ruiping Liu
2015 Journal of Nanomaterials  
The hierarchical porous TiO2hollow spheres were successfully prepared by using the hydrothermally synthesized colloidal carbon spheres as templates and tetrabutyl titanate as inorganic precursors. The diameter and wall thickness of hollow TiO2spheres were determined by the hard templates and concentration of tetrabutyl titanate. The particle size, dispersity, homogeneity, and surface state of the carbon spheres can be easily controlled by adjusting the hydrothermal conditions and adding certain
more » ... and adding certain amount of the surfactants. The prepared hollow spheres possessed the perfect spherical shape, monodispersity, and hierarchically pore structures, and the further experiment verified that the present approach can be used to prepare other metal oxide hollow spheres, which could be used as catalysis, fuel cells, lithium-air battery, gas sensor, and so on.
doi:10.1155/2015/473853 fatcat:jswacr3wffcgngc7pg5raxjxye