Experimental Investigation of High Transformer Ratio Plasma Wakefield Acceleration at PITZ

Gregor Loisch, Galina Asova, Prach Boonpornprasert, Reinhard Brinkmann, James Good, Matthias Groß, Florian Grüner, Holger Huck, Mikhail Krasilnikov, Osip Lishilin, Alberto Martinez De La Ossa, Timon Mehrling (+10 others)
Plasma wakefield acceleration (PWFA), the acceleration of particles in a plasma wakefield driven by high current-density particle bunches, is one of the most promising candidates for a future compact accelerator technology. A key aspect of this type of acceleration is the ratio between the accelerating fields experienced by a witness beam and the decelerating fields experienced by the drive beam, called the transformer ratio. As for longitudinally symmetrical bunches this ratio is limited by
more » ... io is limited by the fundamental theorem of beamloading to 2 in the linear regime*, a transformer ratio above this limit is considered high. This can be reached by using a modulated drive bunch or a shaped train of drive bunches. So far, only the latter case has been shown for wakefields in a RF-structure**. We show the experimental setup, simulations and first, preliminary results of high transformer ratio acceleration experiments at the Photoinjector Test Facility at DESY in Zeuthen (PITZ).
doi:10.18429/jacow-ipac2017-tupik018 fatcat:urohaq4ukfdj3i6cee45g54lhy