Drainage Cum Rooftop Rain Water Harvesting Potential: A Case Study of SRMCEM College Building and Campus in Lucknow City

Swati Bhardwaj
2016 www.trpubonline.com   unpublished
The paper entitled "Design of drainage cum rainwater harvesting system for removal of excess accumulated rain water in SRMGPC campus, Lucknow" deal with disposing off the rainwater that is falling on ground by recharging it to ground water and then after harvesting it. This project may prove to be very beneficial for upcoming generation, so as to promote using of this system in highly stressed area and prevent from water scarcity and water logging problem.This project discusses about the
more » ... er harvesting system and its implementation in SRMGPC campus, Lucknow as a part of the solution to avoid water crisis in the future. In India and in the study region, we are blessed with an ample supply of water during Monsoon. However, rainwater is not available during non-monsoon period. With the increasing consumption rate of natural resource i.e. water, Rainwater harvesting is a best alternative to conserve water. The technical aspects of this project are rainwater harvesting collected from ground which is considered to be catchment areas.