New Physics Landmarks: Dark Matter and Neutrino Masses

Farinaldo S. Queiroz, José W. F. Valle, Yann Mambrini, Giorgio Arcadi
2018 Advances in High Energy Physics  
The Standard Model has endured several decades and represents the most accurate description of nature we have. Despite the fact that it represents most probably the best description for the electroweak and strong interactions in nature, we have at least two conclusive evidences that the Standard Model is not complete: (i) through the observation of neutrino oscillations we have established nonzero neutrino masses; (ii) a collection of cosmological and galactic observations requires the presence
more » ... quires the presence of nonbaryonic dark matter in our universe. The absence of explanations of these two facts within the Standard Model strongly motivates the quest for theory extensions. Hence, it is paramount to explore new physics directions where these observables and their phenomenological implications are addressed in order to pave the road towards a new Standard Model accounting for all the observed phenomena in nature. This special issue presents a collection of reviews of some of the most accredited extensions of the Standard Model explaining the origin of neutrino masses and/or the dark matter component of the Universe, as well as original works.
doi:10.1155/2018/2652536 fatcat:kfzovp5hsfflrld5nrfhasekdy