Synthesis of transuranium-based nanocrystals via the thermal decomposition of actinyl nitrates

Damien Hudry, Christos Apostolidis, Olaf Walter, Thomas Gouder, Arne Janssen, Eglantine Courtois, Christian Kübel, Daniel Meyer
2013 RSC Advances  
Caution: Because uranium (natural uranium) and neptunium ( 237 Np) are used in this study, usual precautions for working with radioactive materials should be followed. All experiments involving 237 Np have been performed in a dedicated glove boxe. Chemicals: Benzyl ether (BnOBn, 99%, Acros Organics), oleic acid (OA, Ph. Eu., Fluka), Oleylamine (OAm, 80 -90% C18 content, Acros Organics ), ethanol (absolute, Merck) and toluene (min 99.7%, Sigma-Aldrich) were used as received without further
more » ... thout further purification. Uranyl nitrate (UO 2 (NO 3 ) 2 *6H 2 O) was purchased from Merck and used as received.
doi:10.1039/c3ra41577e fatcat:57qlbvmjlnh6hmwpl2na7s5hmm