The Fourth Phase of Electroacoustic Music and the Intimate Transformation of the Sonic Experience

Eric Maestri
2019 Zenodo  
In this paper, I illustrate the history of electronic music in four phases: irruption (i), mediation (ii), embodiment (iii) and intimate transformation (iv). This last one expresses a more effectively and deeply integration of the sonic and operational aspects of electronic music in the musical imagination. I argue that electronic sounds, once detached by the ancestral contingencies, are now attached to contemporary contingencies. These transformations affect the existential temporal structure
more » ... temporal structure of the musician. In order to define the specificity of this fourth phase, I propose to consider the relationship that contemporary musicians establish with their devices and sounds through the lens of temporality and existentialism. In order to clarify this specific musical horizon, I consider three pieces (acousmatic, mixed music and live coding) proposing to look at the inclusion of the human constitutive temporal and durational sonic aspects in the non-natural and non-temporal environment.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3714553 fatcat:koziaidvkrccjigb6jsi6ed7by