An Efficient System for Power Saving of Electrical Devices Using Image Processing: A Review

Krutika P. Lokhande
2018 International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology  
The major problem in the most populated and developing countries like India, is Energy and Power crises. Hence there is a too much need of save energy. We use a several ways to save power like using the electric and electronic gadgets whenever and wherever needed and switching them off while not in use. But there are many places like classrooms, large auditoriums and meeting halls, there will be a fan or an Air-conditioner keeps running in unmanned area too, even before the people arrive. That
more » ... eople arrive. That improves the wastage of power in large amount and contributes to a considerable amount of electricity loss. As we all know about various methods for saving electricity like installing IR sensors to detect people etc. but it is quite costlier and complex in large areas. Here we propose a method of controlling power supply of auditoriums and classrooms using Image Processing. In this firstly we take reference image of empty classroom and if any changes in that reference image accordance with that power supply will turned on and off. This is very simple, efficient and cheaper technique to save energy. Also we include temperature sensor to sense temperature and calculate need of fan or equipments. Another big advantage is, we can extend this project up to application like home automation etc.
doi:10.22214/ijraset.2018.1304 fatcat:mflc2jbazjbu5dyar4qglv366e