Detection and Location of Dead Trees with Pine Wilt Disease Based on Deep Learning and UAV Remote Sensing

Xiaoling Deng, Zejing Tong, Yubin Lan, Zixiao Huang
2020 AgriEngineering  
Pine wilt disease causes huge economic losses to pine wood forestry because of its destructiveness and rapid spread. This paper proposes a detection and location method of pine wood nematode disease at a large scale adopting UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) remote sensing and artificial intelligence technology. The UAV remote sensing images were enhanced by computer vision tools. A Faster-RCNN (Faster Region Convolutional Neural Networks) deep learning framework based on a RPN (Region Proposal
more » ... Region Proposal Network) network and the ResNet residual neural network were used to train the pine wilt diseased dead tree detection model. The loss function and the anchors in the RPN of the convolutional neural network were optimized. Finally, the location of pine wood nematode dead tree was conducted, which generated the geographic information on the detection results. The results show that ResNet101 performed better than VGG16 (Visual Geometry Group 16) convolutional neural network. The detection accuracy was improved and reached to about 90% after a series of optimizations to the network, meaning that the optimization methods proposed in this paper are feasible to pine wood nematode dead tree detection.
doi:10.3390/agriengineering2020019 fatcat:4rfpxs74ejh7plf2x4r5ow6dum