Intra-Destination Visitor Movement During a Local Tourist Event

2016 Kanko kenkyu  
This study evaluated the impact of events on tourists' behavioral dynamics by analyzing tourists' movements during the event period. The targeted event was an art festival held in Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo. GPS logs and sociodemographic data were collected from 198 tourist groups that visited the area during the festival. The flow network computation indicated that there was a very high flow into the festival venue. Using hierarchical cluster analysis, two tourist group clusters were extracted
more » ... ters were extracted based on the length of stay data for each zone. Within the first cluster, the majority of visitors only went to the festival venue. Conversely, the second cluster represented secondary visitors who crossed into the festival venue as they entered and exited the zoological gardens. The festival induced tourist movement patterns and affected tourist behavioral dynamics.
doi:10.18979/jitr.29.1_17 fatcat:aoilq67txraj7fspt3uspvtrrq