THU0172 The correlation analysis of functional disability indexes with disease activity determinants in women with acute rheumatoid arthritis

M Býrtane, A Hakguder, M Eryavuz, S Kokino
2001 Speaker abstracts 2001   unpublished
activity, or more damage present the effect of radiological damage on physical function decreased. Using the derived linear regression models and the measure of a clinical relevant difference in HAQ-DI a clinical relevant increase in radiological damage for the modified Sharp score was calculated. Results The clinical relevant increase in radiological damage was estimated to be about 10 or 20, for a DAS of 1 or 2 respectively. It was dependant on the activity of the disease and amount of
more » ... nd amount of existing joint damage. Conclusion Estimating a clinical relevant increase in radiological progression, using the patient's perspective is possible. A conservative threshold of 10-20 for a clinical relevant increase (Modified Sharp score) can be used as a guideline. These results need replication in other patient cohorts.
doi:10.1136/annrheumdis-2001.1074 fatcat:gluv4rqhrnhglhqbbvjlym7j5i