Comparison of the Newly Developed MB Redox system with Mycobacteria Growth Indicator Tube(MGIT) and 2% Ogawa Egg Media for Recovery of Mycobacteria in Clinical Specimens
酸化還元インジケーターを用いた抗酸菌迅速培養システムMB Redoxの評価

Chiyoji ABE, Kazue HIRANO, Masako WADA, Eiro TSUBURA, Masaaki YAMANAKA, Teruo AOYAGI, Mitsuhiko OSUMI, Masao TAKEDA, Atsuyuki KURASHIMA, Akiko YONEYAMA, Katsuko OKUZUMI
1999 Kekkaku (Tuberculosis)  
The rate of recovery and the mean time to detection of mycobacteria in clinical specimens were determined in a newly-developed MB Redox system based on liquid medium, and the results were compared with those of MGIT and 2 % Ogawa egg media. From 587 sputum specimens processed, totally 203 mycobacterial isolates were detected, of which 177 (87.2% ) with MB Redox, 185 (91.1%) with MGIT and 133 (65.6%) with 2 % Ogawa medium. The difference in the percentages of positive cultures between either of
more » ... he two liquid media and 2 % Ogawa medium was significant (p<0.0001). The mean time to detection of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex was 17.5 days with MB Redox, 18.7 days with MGIT, and 26.2 days with 2 % Ogawa medium. The contamination rates were 1.5, 1.7, and 4.1 % for MB Redox, MGIT, and 2 % Ogawa medium, respectively. In conclusion, both MB Redox and MGIT systems, based on liquid medium, are more efficient than 2 % Ogawa medium for the recovery of mycobacteria in clinical specimens.
doi:10.11400/kekkaku1923.74.707 fatcat:fxmrdnk3onhwjnyo557ai4vleq