1889 English Historical Review  
Downloaded from » English BisL Review, iv. 126. * Quarterly Review, clrii 423. ' Egerton, MSS. 2536, f. 637. ' V. p. 814 ante on the question whether Eooheater landed at Dover. • Rebellion, xiv. 141; EgerUm MSS. 2636. at UQ Library on August 16, 2015 Downloaded from 10 I fancy Mr. Palgrave means Major Waiiam Cromwell, Cromwell's cousin. But the person to whom Price refers is undoubtedly Colonel John Cromwell, third son of the Protector's uncle Sir Oliver Cromwell,
more » ... ir Oliver Cromwell, and at this time an officer in the Butch service. There is no evidence that he derived his information from any other source than common rumour (Noble, House of Cromwell, L 60-66). 11 English Hist. Review, iii. 524. " A Declaration of Bis Highness, by the Advice of Ms Council showing the Reasons of their Proceedings for securing the Peace of the Commonwealth, 1655, p. 28; Old Parliamentary History, rx. pp. 461, 452. '• Quarterly, olxii. 486. » English Hist. Review, iii. 741. '» Phillips simply says, speaking of the rising of 1655 : ' There was a foundation laid ... of a general rising in every county, had not Cromwell sparing no cost to maintain his instruments of deceit, for he had his spies ready hired not only here in all corners, such as counterfeiting themselves zealous royalists, insinuated into their at UQ Library on August 16, 2015 Downloaded from ** I have taken the trouble to trace in detail the fortunes of these men, but considerations of space prevent me from doing more than sommarising the results here. If Mr. Palgrave likes to select a test case, I should be pleased to supply him with detailed evidence respecting it.
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