van der Pol-type Self-Excited Cantilever by Integral Controller(Dynamics & Design Conference 2009)
積分制御によるvan der Pol型自励発振カンチレバー(<特集>D&D2009)

Yuji AZUMA, Hiroshi YABUNO, Masaharu KURODA, Kentaro NISHIMURA
We pr ( ,pose a van der Po1 − type self − excited cantilever beam わy positive velocity feedback and nonli 【 〕 ear feedback . Self − excited oscillation keeps the resonant condition indeper 】dent of the mQdulation of system p 乱 rameters and the resonance chaTacteristic o 正 self − excited oscillation is suitable to raalize aut 〔 , . resonance machines such as AFM micro − cautilever proble . Because the arnp 巨tude of self − excited oscMation grows w 圭 th tirl ユe , a special control method i8
more » ... ed for the amplitude controL To this end , we propose the application of the nonlineur dynamics of van der Pol osci11ator . Making ug. e of thc characteristic of a stacked − typc piezoelectricactuator , we demeilstrate that the alnplitude control {ユ f a czntilevcr beam by using only integril controller without d正 f〔 erential controller . We show the equati ⊂ 旧 of motiDn il ユ whlch the nonhnear effect is taken jnto account alld the averaged equation 、 vhich is derived by applying the method of mul 七 iple scales . The bifurcation d壬 agram is theorctically descrlbed, Then , it isclarihcd that the amplitude of the cantilever beam can be controlled by setting the nonlinear feedback guin . Furthermore , a van der Po 卜 type self excited 〔 : antilever beam is rea ! 正 zed by using a simple apParatus and the validity of amplitude cDntrol method
doi:10.1299/kikaic.76.1346 fatcat:3jrztobi55eyhhlrxtb6ejnvvi