Colour and tenderness changes of marinated venison during storage

L. Silina, I. Gramatina, T. Rakcejeva, S. Muižniece-Brasava
2012 Chemical Technology  
Venison (deer meat) is popular as a healthy food. It is lower in calories, fat and cholesterol content comparing to lamb, pork or beef. Tenderness is one of the most important attributes of the eating quality of meat evaluated by consumers, but meat colour is typically used as the indicator of freshness and wholesomeness. The objective of the present study was to determine changes in colour (using CIE L*, a*, b* values) and tenderness of venison in mayonnaise or vinegar marinade during storage.
more » ... ade during storage. Marinated meat was placed on polypropylene trays, hermetically sealed with a high-barrier polymer film under a modified atmosphere (CO 2 40 % + N 2 60 %), as well as placing in packages iron-based oxygen scavenger sachets (Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Europe Ageless®). As a control venison, packaged in air ambiance was used. The colour of marinated venison (L*, a* and b* values) differ in venison samples prepared using different marinade types. Shear force values tended to decrease (p < 0.05) with increasing the storage period in all packages irrespective of marinade type.
doi:10.5755/j01.ct.61.3.2711 fatcat:rrl5y5tku5a47bpwx5dtdqlyli