Electrochemical Behavior Of Nb In Aqueous Solutions Of Different pH

M.M. El-Rabiee, G.M. Abd El-Hafez, W.A. Mahmoud, N.H. Helal
2019 International journal of advanced scientific research and management  
The electrochemical behavior of niobium in aqueous solutions of pH covering the range 2-12 in naturally aerated solutions was investigated. The general behavior of the niobium electrode is the passivation in all aqueous solution leading to the low corrosion rate . The equilibrium electrode potential is a linear function of the solution pH. The slope of the linear relation nearly -0.04 V/pH . EIS investigations have shown that the metal undergoes active dissolution in alkaline aqueous solutions
more » ... aqueous solutions since the equilibrium between film formation and film dissolution shifted towards the film dissolution as the pH of the solution shifted towards the alkali media . The corrosion behavior of niobium can be simulated to a Randle equivalent circuit model. The oxide film formed on the Nb electrode is more stable in the acidic media more than that in the neutral and basic media. The interaction of this film with the H + and OHin solutions with different pH was discussed.
doi:10.36282/ijasrm/4.10.2019.1647 fatcat:q4vv35so5zelfbi6jmxoixfo2m