P Banumathi, S Satheeshkumar, S Kaliraj
2014 International Journal of Emerging Technologies and Engineering (IJETE)   unpublished
Cloud Computing has been envisioned as the next generation architecture of IT Enterprise. In difference to conventional solutions, where the IT services are underneath appropriate physical, logical and recruits controls, Cloud Computing shift the application software and databases to the large information centers, where the organization of the information and services may not be completely responsible. With cloud computing and storage, users are capable to access and to divide resources
more » ... le by cloud service providers at a lower minor cost. With cloud computing and storage services, information is not only stored in the cloud, but regularly shared among a huge number of users in a group. In this project, we propose Oruta, a privacy-preserving auditing scheme for shared data with large groups in the cloud. We utilize ring signatures to compute verification information on shared information, so that the TPA is capable to audit the accuracy of shared information, but cannot make public the uniqueness of the signer on each block. We can implement the batch auditing scheme to perform efficient public auditing to protect both identity and data privacy in cloud environments. And also extend this project to overcome the duplicated data in cloud storage and with privileges keys. We proposed deduplication scheme to check the redundant data allowed to perform the duplicate check for files marked with the corresponding privileges.