Preparation and Properties of Tumor-Targeting MRI Contrast Agent Based on Linear Polylysine Derivatives

Xuanrong Sun, Yue Cai, Zhuomin Xu, Dabu Zhu
2019 Molecules  
We developed a tumor-targeted contrast agent based on linear polylysine (PLL) by conjugating a small molecular imaging agent, fluorescent molecule and targeting agent amino phenylboronic acid onto the amino groups of polylysine, which can specifically target monosaccharide sialic acid residues overexpressing on the surface of tumor cell membranes. Further, 3,4,5,6-Tetrahydrophthalic anhydride (DCA) was attached to the free amino groups of the polylysine to change to a negative charge at
more » ... e charge at physiology pH to lower the cytotoxicity, but it soon regenerated to a positive charge again once reaching the acidic intratumoral environment and therefore increased cell uptake. Laser confocal microscopy images showed that most of the polymeric contrast agents were bound to the cancer cell membrane. Moreover, the tumor targeting contrast agent showed the same magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrasting performance in vitro as the small molecule contrast agent used in clinic, which made it a promising tumor-targeting polymeric contrast agent for cancer diagnosis.
doi:10.3390/molecules24081477 fatcat:57g3ulz4gvbdvpswlgj44oeqvm