Three Dimensional Stress Analysis of a Helical Gear Drive with Finite Element Method

A. M. Fattahi, M. Gh. Khosroshah
2017 Mechanics  
Nomenclature E -young's modulus,  -poison's ratio, ƒ -friction coefficient, T -transmitted torque, Pmax -largest surface pressure, F -force pressing the two cylinders together, bo -half width of rectangular contact area, l -length of cylinder, 1, 2 -Poison's ratio of the two contacting cylinders, E1, E2 -Young's modulus of the two contacting cylinders, d1" d2 -diameters of the two contacting cylinders, c -contact stress, ZE -elastic coefficient, W t -tangential transmitted load, dp -pitch
more » ... d load, dp -pitch circle diameter, Fo -face width, t -pressure angle, transverse, mG -speed ratio, Ni -number of teeth,  -bending stress, Ko -overload factor, KV -dynamic factor, KS -size factor, b -net face width of narrowest member, mt -transverse metric module, KH -load-distribution factor, KB -rim-thickness factor, YJ -geometry factor for bending strength, d1 -pitch diameter of the pinion, ZRsurface condition factor for pitting resistance, Z1 -geometry factor for pitting resistance.
doi:10.5755/j01.mech.23.5.14884 fatcat:drn5szki5vhdtimx7avuhwnvzm