XXXIX.—An improved Soxhlet extractor, and apparatus for distilling in a vacuum

J. Lewkowitsch
1889 Journal of the Chemical Society Transactions  
1.) A n Improved Soxhlet Extractor. WHEN using the ordinary form of Soxhlet extractor, there is always a doubt as to the exact time when the substance is completely extracted, unless the whole apparatus is taken to pieces, and a test made by putting a fresh supply of the solvent into the extractor. As a rule, therefore, tbe extraction lasts far longer than is necessary, and this involves not only loss of time but also of the volatile solvent. To avoid this, I use a Soxhlet extractor, fitted up
more » ... tractor, fitted up with a test tap in the syphon-tube as shown in Fig. 1 ; this allows a few drops of the solvent to be drawn off at any time to see whether it contains any of the substance to be extracted.
doi:10.1039/ct8895500359 fatcat:qbalmm5trjfkvhyc7rkooyljsu